Melanie Safka

Welcome to the ultimate fan site dedicated to the legendary Melanie Safka! Melanie, the enchanting voice that defined a generation during that magical moment at Woodstock, has been on a transformative journey. From the vibrant streets of Greenwich Village’s coffeehouse circuit to the iconic Woodstock stage, she captured hearts with “Beautiful People,” leading to the iconic sea of candles and lighters – a sight that inspired her hit “Lay Down (Candles in the Rain).” This very song skyrocketed in 1970, earning her titles like ‘female vocalist of the year’ from renowned publications.

Who can forget the playful “Brand New Key” in 1971? A song that spoke of freedom, joy, and roller skates, it became an anthem for many. Melanie’s story is one of passion, talent, and resilience. With her mesmerizing voice and heartfelt lyrics, she graced stages from the Royal Albert Hall to the Sydney Opera House, even receiving standing ovations at the United Nations General Assembly.

Television legends like Ed Sullivan and Johnny Carson vied for her presence on their shows. The world watched in awe, with critics and fellow artists alike praising her unique talent. Over the years, Melanie’s records, selling over eighty million copies, became a testament to her enduring appeal. Her songs have been embraced by artists ranging from Cher to Macy Gray.

Beyond music, Melanie became a UNICEF spokesperson, was celebrated at the twentieth anniversary of Woodstock, won an Emmy, and even ventured into the culinary world with her restaurant. Her life, rich in experiences and achievements, is an inspiration.

But, as Melanie herself puts it, this is just the beginning. “I’m a new artist who is having so much fun with my voice,” she says. “I’m the woman I wanted to be when I was sixteen. It’s me — I’m back.” Dive into our site to explore the world of Melanie, the artist who continues to inspire and enchant.